AVISO: International Roma Day 2024 (PK0317/04/03/2024)

Vienna (PK) – Under the title “ROMNJAKraft.Sor Remembrance – Change – Awakening”, a commemorative event will be held on Monday 8th April at the National Council Hall on the occasion of International Roma Day. Emphasis is placed on the role of women. The history of Roma women is influenced by socio-cultural, political and economic factors and is constantly changing. Education and empowerment play an important role in further strengthening the rights of Roma women. A second focus of the event was the Roma and Sindhi genocide. This is this year's main topic of ERINNERN:AT, a teaching and learning project about National Socialism and the OeAD Holocaust, Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalization.

Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the National Council, delivers the opening remarks. This was followed by greetings from Cohesion and Women's Minister Susanne Rabin, and introductory words and thoughts from Manuela Horvath, a member of the Roma Ethnic Advisory Group at the Federal Chancellery.

Csilla Höfler, coordinator of the EMRO project at Caritas Styria, Žaklina Radosavljević, president of the VIVARO association in Vienna, Tina Friedrich, project worker at Caritas Graz and Alysea Nardai, Roma activist and primary school teacher in training will provide good examples. Strong Roma life in Oberwart. Herbert Bredl, historian and employee of ERINNERN:AT, will speak on “Remembering: Remembering Borajmos using the example of Terla Burgenland”. Then the representatives of all parliamentary groups will have their say. National Council members Nikolaus Berlakovich (ÖVP), Harald Troch (SPÖ), Eva Blimlinger (Greens) and Michael Bernhard (NEOS) and Federal Councilor Isabella Thiermann (FPÖ) will speak. The program will be hosted by journalist Barbara Karlich.

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Celebration of International Roma Day 2024


Monday, April 8, 2024, from 2 p.m


Parliament, National Council Chamber

Media representatives are invited to the festive event and can register at [email protected]. (Conclusion) B

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