Climate demonstration as an advertisement for EU elections


The upcoming EU election today has shaped Fridays for future climate strikes. In several European cities, including Vienna, thousands took to the streets again for climate protection.

Despite the pouring rain, many were not deterred from taking part in Friday’s climate strike in Vienna. Lena Schilling, the Green Party’s leading candidate for the EU elections, also used the protest to campaign. The start of the rally in Sigmund Freud Park was dominated by the EU elections on 9 June.

Approximately 4,000 participants made their way to the EU House on Wipplinger Strasse. With the current shift to the right, central elements of climate protection, such as the EU’s Green Deal with its goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050, are now at risk. Additionally, the EU is in no way prepared for future climate disasters.

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Demonstrators see EU climate protection at risk

“It is also very clear that we are at an important point, especially at the European level, where some forces are trying to scale back climate protection measures. We do not want to allow that, which is why we invite everyone to vote in the European elections on June 9,” said “Silver for the Future” spokesperson Clara K├Ânig. .

Another big topic for the demonstrators was the EU reform law. This is the most important EU nature protection law in decades, WWF spokesperson Joschka Prongs said: “(…) and Austria can make a difference at EU level, which is why we are inviting the Mayor of Vienna and the Minister of Climate Protection. Here we need to clarify together: what is needed to agree .” A coalition of like-minded people is needed to resolve the current impasse between the central and state governments.

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Brushing teeth in Heldenplatz

The Ringstrasse was partially closed for the duration of the demonstration. At the final rally in Heldenplatz, participation in the EU elections was compared to brushing your teeth – according to the motto “If you don’t do it, it turns brown”.

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