Disease-causing fungi spread: three common symptoms

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Candida auris yeast infection can be fatal in some people. An infection manifests itself in a variety of symptoms.

Candida auris, a fungus and pathogen, is spreading rapidly in Germany. The Jena-based National Reference Center for Invasive Fungal Infections (NRZMyk) estimates that in 2023, with 77 confirmed cases, the fungus will be detected across the country six times more than in previous years. Experts are already classifying the outbreak as an “urgent threat”. An infection with a fungal pathogen is observed by various symptoms.

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Candida auris yeast infection: Three symptoms are common

An infection with Candida aureus can lead to, among other things, ear infections. © Science Photo Library/IMAGO

Spread from person to person through smear infections. Fungi usually do not harm healthy people. However, people with pre-existing illnesses and weakened immune systems are at risk. Candida aureus can become a problem, especially in clinics and nursing facilities, and especially in intensive care units. Symptoms following a Candida aureus infection can vary and are often associated with other fungal or bacterial infections. An infection can be noticed by the following three symptoms:

  • Wound infection (swelling, redness, pain)
  • Ear infection (itching, heat, pain)
  • Painful urinary tract infections (urinary urgency, burning, cloudy urine)

Blood poisoning can occur after a yeast infection

A Candida aureus infection can be fatal if the fungus enters the bloodstream of victims. Then there is the risk of blood poisoning (sepsis), which, according to experts, ends in death in more than half of all cases. Some symptoms of sepsis include shortness of breath, severe confusion, fever, low or low blood pressure, and rapid pulse. This is always a medical emergency and should be treated immediately.

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