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Crime Scene: Shock

Unusual challenges for Moritz Eisner and Bibi Fellner: They must solve a murder, not prevent one. A young man named David Frank kidnaps his parents and, in a publicly circulated message, threatens violence against his mother, father – highly respected members of society – and himself. David knows very well how to paint his own image through social networks and how to put his socially critical messages in a way that is useful to the public. The feverish hunt for David lasts so long that it becomes clear that he is not acting alone. The trail leads to a conspiracy network of extremist operatives classified as extremists by the Office of the Protection of the Constitution — and, quite unexpectedly, to the personal environment of the investigative team.
Cast: Harald Krassnitzer (Moritz Eisner), Adele Neuhauser (Bibi Fellner), Mercedes Echerer (Sarah Adler), Aaron Karl (David Frank), Ulrike Beimpold (Lisa Aicinger) and others.
Direction and Screenplay: Rupert Henning

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