Cross restaurant fire: About 20 guests injured

In Pasture A fire on New Year's Day injured 21 people, some of them seriously.

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According to the Styria State Police Directorate, the fire broke out at the restaurant on Sporgasse around four in the morning. 21 guests 18 injured people were taken to hospital. Three people required intensive care.

The cause of the fire is still unknown

An investigation into the matter is “ongoing,” it said. Pyrotechnics But that was initially dismissed as a cause; It was considered that Technical defect. The road is still closed on New Year's Day morning.

There were also many tasks because… Crackers It was set alight in the local area in defiance of prohibition. “According to preliminary findings, about 360 pyrotechnic items and about 150 official acts were confiscated,” the Styrian administrator summed up the holiday.

Many fires have occurred due to bursting of firecrackers

This also led to many fire accidents. This is how they ended up at Algersdorfer Straße in Graz Old clothes container Apparently a pyrotechnic object set fire to Anderer Brundleweg Waste Paper Container in fire. In Nice (Weiss district), a hedge caught fire from fireworks. The fire was extinguished by residents with fire extinguishers and the Nicea Volunteer Fire Department. No one was injured.

50,000 at the laser show in the main square

The turn of the year passed without incident in the main square where the city of Graz presented five light displays. According to the organizers, there were events throughout the evening About 50,000 visitsR present.

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During the entire operation, there was “no major official action,” the administration official said.

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