It's snowing again in Austria this weekend

Thursday and Friday are still relatively mild. After that, the snow will fall to lower elevations – except in the south.

Plus Degrees will deliver a spring forecast on Thursday and Friday, but Geosphere Austria predicts winter will begin at the weekend. It is not only cold, but also brings snow to lower altitudes – except in the south. There the range for white brightness is over 1000 meters.

“The mild weather is coming to an end. By the end of the week it will cool down significantly and snow will fall to lower elevations,” meteorologist Clemens Biermeier said on Wednesday. “Details are still uncertain, but the current outlook is for most of Austria to be white on Sunday and Sunday, bringing snow tomorrow with temperatures below zero in many areas. Slight additional temperatures are possible in the south.

Up to 13 degrees

A strong westerly current brings… Thursday In most parts of Austria, the weather is unsettled with a quick change of sun, clouds and short showers. Snow falls from about 1200 to 900 meters. In the south it will be dry and mostly sunny throughout the day. In the northern part of Austria the wind is generally brisk to strong, in the higher altitudes of Lower Austria it blows from the west as a gale, and in the south it is light. Initial temperatures range from minus five to plus eight degrees, depending on the wind, with a daily maximum of 13 degrees.

Move early in the morning Fridays Some high clouds will become denser during the day and especially in the west and south. In the south, heavy fog can also be expected at some places. In Tyrol and Vorarlberg it will start to rain lightly in the evening and snow will fall above 1000 to 1300 meters. Moderate to moderate winds mainly from east to south. Initial temperatures range from minus four to plus three degrees, with a daily maximum temperature of only two degrees in heavy fog, otherwise up to eleven degrees.

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Winter weekend

There is sky Saturday Cloudy and scattered, rain or snow. The snow line descends rapidly in the valleys in the west and northwest and in the plains in the north and east in the evening. Only in the south it is now mostly above 1000 m. The initial temperature is minus one and plus five degrees, daily maximum temperature is two to seven degrees. Sunday night will be wintry with snow and frost everywhere, most recently in the south.

The Sunday It manifests itself in winter in large parts of the country. The sky will be cloudy, with frequent snow showers at first, then less and less in the afternoon. Winds are moderate, gusty from north-west to north and lead to snow drifts, especially in the north and east, especially at higher altitudes. Initial and daily maximum temperatures range from minus six to plus one degrees, with daily maximum temperatures ranging from zero to three degrees only from East Tyrol to South Styria. (APA)

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