Where are former Cigna managers actually working today?

Many of the former managers of the now-defunct real estate group are still in business. Others receive unemployment benefits.

Eight months of peace prevailed. It’s now broken down for a more personal announcement. “For everything that has happened and is being discussed publicly, here is a personal word,” Christoph Stadtluber begins his message on social media, which was published online Monday night. It’s the first time the former boss of the collapsed real estate group’s umbrella company has spoken publicly since Cigna Holdings went bankrupt late last year.

Stadlhuber didn’t use the word “Signa,” but he didn’t want to hide plans to shape the cityscape. “For example, the Golden Quarter, formerly a peripheral area of ​​the city center, was able to be brought out of its shadow,” writes the former Cigna boss and board of supervisors. “The Campari Bar and the pedestrian zone at Bocknergasse are eloquent evidence of this.” The 56-year-old had “planned a lot” in Vienna and regrets the “sudden” end.

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